Impact of Digitisation for Sales

How does Digitisation impact Signing contracts or applications in the field? Imagine the benefits of digitising the entire sales process? Many organisations employ representatives in the field, signing up customers or suppliers. In the past, these agreements or applications were paper-based, creating significant administrative and compliance burden. With the digital age, digitisation is key. “In the field” can …

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Why Digitise Procurement?

Why digitise your procurement processes? In over a decade of consulting to both private and public sectors, we at Realyst have noticed a common thread in contract management is: In the past, many of these issues are a result of the cumbersome nature of paper based systems and manual filing systems. Even scanned images into a …

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Digital Contracts

Digital Contracts

Why Digitise Contracts? There are a number of definitions and examples of digital contracts, one of the most common is a typical software license agreement: The purchaser is asked to tick a box to accept the terms and conditions, and an electronic agreement is signed. Completed with one click in a fraction of a second. …

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Why is Contract Management so hard?

Why is contract management so hard?

For decades now research houses, consultants and software vendors have been preaching the benefits of contract management, often quoting Governance and compliance, collecting all revenue due, shortening the sales cycle, saving money by identifying unwanted contracts, as reasons to adopt a contract management solution or practice. Simply miss a key date on a strategic contract, …

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Digital Transforms the Game of Business – The Forrester Report

Digital Transaction Management has started emerging as a key solution for businesses wanting to stay in the game. We have touched on this topic before in our previous blogs, and the Forrester report highlights the importance of digital transformation in today’s business. Forrester conducted an online survey taken by 400 people, and 5 qualitative interviews …

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