Automating contract processes

Where does an organisation start in automating contract processes?

Where does an organisation start in automating contract processes? We think it’s time to pause and reflect on automating contract processes; where an organisation should be placing the contract management function, who the sponsors should be, and what is most important. To understand where the function should be placed, depends largely on what the organisation …

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Realyst Insights

Realyst insights into latest IACCM Capgemini Report

Realyst insights into latest IACCM (The International Association for Contract and Commercial Management) Capgemini Report on Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Software Solutions In response to the wide variety and functionality on offer from global software vendors, and the latest trends in technology, the IACCM initiated an investigation into what solutions were available globally, and the …

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What exactly is a platform economy, and how does it impact business? Is there immense value, hidden and locked away in our traditional way of thinking? How can we adapt to meet the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution, stay relevant and prevent ourselves from being disrupted? What is a platform and why is it …

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Know your Customer

Know Your Customer

Do you really know your customer? The topics: Know your customer and customer authentication is becoming more  prevalent, and impacting more industries. From Financial Services, to Telecommunications, Medical and Real Estate. Managing these processes and getting to know your customer, both from an on boarding perspective as well as maintaining them, is a nightmare for …

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Realyst E-Book

Realyst E-Book Series:

3 Ways to Implement a Streamlined Contract Management Approach for Complex Customer Agreements “It’s 8:45 on a Friday night. After four days, contract negotiations are finally over. All the parties involved have agreed to the terms and conditions, and the responsibilities of everyone have been committed to paper. The CEO looks away from the city …

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Contract Management in the Public Sector

Your 4 Key Duties & How We Can Help

Company secretaries are responsible for the efficient administration of a company, particularly with regard to ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. As the Company Secretary, you are the key governance professional within your organization. We are aware that the vast responsibilities and duties placed upon you are heavy and time consuming. We embarked on a market …

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Going Paperless in Schools and Universities

Paperless Schools and Universities

There have been many discussions around paper wastage, inefficient administrative services versus going paperless and digitization, Let’s delve into three areas where we see the most improvement that could easily be made by education institutions going paperless and digital: Paperless Registration Anyone who has ever had to register for university or register their child at the start of …

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