Our Product Suite

Realyst has been consulting and implementing contract management software for over two decades. We have experience across virtually all industries and contract types in both the Private and Public sectors. We have taken this experience, combined it with our latest software version and modules, and created our three products; a best practice-based contract management application, our electronic signatures tool and our business process automation system.


Our Three Main Pillars

Contract Management

Our Contract Management Software has been designed as a set of building blocks to allow clients to create a contract management solution that best meets the needs of the organisation.

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Now you can quickly, easily and securely sign your contracts with RealSign – our e-signatures module that is designed to reduce friction and save time in your contracting processes

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Business Process Automation

Helping organisations move from manual systems to digital, seamless processes.

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Contract Life Cycle Management

SmartContracts turn contracts into processes that are dynamic, transparent and critical to mitigating risks as well as driving business value. See a typical Contract Management Life-Cycle below.

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