Lockdown & Beyond: The Virtual Office

Lockdown & Beyond: The Virtual Office

The virtual office and electronic/digital signatures, in lock down and beyond: Without much notice, staff are sent home to work remotely. The impact resulting from this is multifold; old paper-based processes becoming difficult. Organisations are ill equipped for this change, and so efficiency and productivity plummets. An Enterprise Electronic Signature application can make a significant …

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Electronic Signatures

Why go to Electronic Signatures?

Electronic signatures versus manually signing paper-based forms, documents and contracts. Your manual processes can expose your organisation to several risks and unnecessary costs. Examples from our contract review consultancy work include: Not being able to identify the signatory Not being able to identify the witnesses No supporting documentation as to the authority to sign Not …

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Digital Signature

Different Types of Signatures

There are 4 different types of signatures the business world, and often the definitions can be mixed up or blurred. Let’s take a moment to clarify: 1. The Wet Signature: Is any physical mark on documents created by a person. In most cases it’s writing your name in cursive on a piece of paper, document …

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contract management software

Legal Tech versus CLM Software

As contract management software and implementation specialists, the latest release by the IACCM (International Association for Commercial Contract Management) rings true, with a specific warning on comparing “legal tech” to contract management lifecycle software and where contracting impacts on the entire enterprise within a specific, focused discipline. For Organisations seeking Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software, …

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7 Risks

7 Risks in not Automating & Digitising Business Processes

There are 7 risks that many organisations face if they still have paper-based processes, or rely on spreadsheets and personal work-arounds for tasks that can be easily automated. These manual activities can expose the organisation; Human error, oversight and corporate amnesia Inefficient use of staff time and unnecessary work Poor data collection and quality; insights …

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Going digital is simple

Going Digital is Simple

Going digital is simple – but simple has never been easy. We have taken two decades of experience and learning to distil and offer a best practice approach that makes digital contracting seem simple. The six concepts to consider The essence of an organisation is reflected in the contracts that they enter into Sales contracts, …

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