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What exactly is a platform economy, and how does it impact business? Is there immense value, hidden and locked away in our traditional way of thinking? How can we adapt to meet the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution, stay relevant and prevent ourselves from being disrupted? What is a…

Know Your Customer

Do you really know your customer? The topics: Know your customer and customer authentication is becoming more  prevalent, and impacting more industries. From Financial Services, to Telecommunications, Medical and Real Estate. Managing these processes and getting to know your customer, both from an on boarding perspective as well as maintaining…

Realyst expands into Nigeria and West Africa

by Sola Akingbade, MD of Realyst Nigeria The elections this year in Nigeria have ushered in an optimism that the country hasn’t seen for a very long time. The victory of the All Progressives Congress has a number of historically significant features for Nigeria – not least of which is the…

Realyst Contract Management: consulting and software

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Realyst Contract Management Realyst Contract Management is a Contract Management Solutions house that offers both consulting and software to ensure that you create and manage your contracts effectively, efficiently and according to best practice guidelines. We began in 1998 where the software’s original purpose was to manage retail premises leases….