Why Realyst™ Solutions?

A Complete Solution

Our approach encompasses the onboarding and verification of customers and/or suppliers, including all supporting documentation, from application forms and final documents, to contracts.


Once installed, our RealContract functionality can be extended to model any type of form or contract, automating approval processes and capturing the underlying data.

Seamless Integration

Our application is capable of integrating into any third party software.

So How Does It Work?

In the new world of work, digital transformation, transaction management, digital signatures, forms and contracts, are all the words being used to describe the need for business transformation in 2022. Digital strategies are focused on moving away from paper-based processes, and towards automated digital experiences. Our approach is to look at the practical implementation of process automation from a focused contract management (CLM) perspective. Our two decades of experience provides us with the knowledge and experience to extend CLM concepts to full automation of components in any environment, across any industry.

The Realyst™ Tool Set

Functionality for Implementing BPA

The Modeler

An ability to model templates, documents or contracts with any metadata fields, and stored in a structured database.

Approval Workflow

Send information around the organisation digitally for approval and keep a full audit trail

Document Management

Hold copies of supporting documentation in the process, as well as the final signed document.


Notifications, alerts, obligations, tasks and progress dashboards all provide insights into the process and ensure compliance

Document Creation

Map and tag data to complete form templates, documents or contracts

Digital Signatures

Internal or 3rd party integration of digital signatures available

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