Legal Tech versus CLM Software

As contract management software and implementation specialists, the latest release by the IACCM (International Association for Commercial Contract Management) rings true, with a specific warning on comparing “legal tech” to contract management lifecycle software and where contracting impacts on the entire enterprise within a specific, focused discipline. For Organisations seeking…

Going Digital is Simple

Going digital is simple – but simple has never been easy. We have taken two decades of experience and learning to distil and offer a best practice approach that makes digital contracting seem simple. The six concepts to consider The essence of an organisation is reflected in the contracts that…

Digitising contracting processes & breaking down silos

What if digitising contracting processes could break down the silos between Legal and operations? All organisations are looking at ways of being more effective and efficient, to drive down costs, or increase productivity, or simply to make the customer experience better. But sometimes our own internal systems and business silos,…

Your 4 Key Duties & How We Can Help

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Company secretaries are responsible for the efficient administration of a company, particularly with regard to ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. As the Company Secretary, you are the key governance professional within your organization. We are aware that the vast responsibilities and duties placed upon you are heavy and time consuming….

Why Digitise Procurement?

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Why digitise your procurement processes? In over a decade of consulting to both private and public sectors, we at Realyst have noticed a common thread in contract management is: In the past, many of these issues are a result of the cumbersome nature of paper based systems and manual filing systems….

Digital Contracts

Why Digitise Contracts? There are a number of definitions and examples of digital contracts, one of the most common is a typical software license agreement: The purchaser is asked to tick a box to accept the terms and conditions, and an electronic agreement is signed. Completed with one click in…