Why Realyst™ Signatures?

Bespoke Integration

Realyst™ Signatures is designed to be integrated into the organisation’s existing software, whether it’s Microsoft Office, Active Directory or a document management system.

Reduce Physical Contact

By moving your organisation to electronic signatures, you significantly reduce the amount of physical contact between parties. Not only does this keep your team safe, but it removes the restrictions of travel and scheduling meetings to sign documents.

Reduces Time to Contract

A system that is easy to use, customer friendly, and the ability to sign from anywhere with just a couple of clicks and with no special software required for 3rd parties means contracts and documents get signed faster.

So How Does It Work?

Quickly, easily and securely sign your contracts with Realyst™ Signatures, our e-signatures module that is designed to reduce friction and save time in your contracting processes.

Whether your organisation requires a simple click wrap solution or advanced digital signatures, we can tailor our product to suit your needs. This provides an opportunity to digitize and automate your business in a way that suits you, allowing your organisation to adjust to a new work environment as the world moves towards remote offices.

Realyst™ Signatures Offers Three Signature Solutions

Electronic Signatures

This is our standard and most popular version. An electronic signature can be used for the majority of documents and contracts an organisation is exposed to. Realyst Signatures uses two-way authentication for electronic signatures.

Digital Signatures

A digital signature is an electronic signature together with a certificate, issued by a CA (Certification Authority). This offering provides a higher level of security than an electronic signature. Realyst has partnered with Global Sign, a global certification authority.

Advanced Digital Signatures

This is a digital signature with user verification. Each users identity is required to be authenticated against the Home Affairs database. This includes biometric and ID verification.

Realyst™ Signature Options

Enterprise Edition

Either implemented on site or hosted, our Enterprise Edition solution can be licensed by bands of signatories or on an unlimited basis, but either way includes unlimited signatures, users and documents. This is based on the traditional software license purchase and comes with a support and maintenance agreement. Suitable for enterprises with customisation requirements and/or large volumes of signatures and who want to fix their usage costs.

Standard Edition

This is hosted in an Azure environment and suitable for organizations who don’t need customization. A simple annual license fee based on similar bands to the Enterprise Edition which again includes unlimited signatures on an unlimited amount of documents.

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