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Realyst™ Contract Management Solutions: Public and Private Sector Services

As all businesses in various industries are different, therefore our contract management approach is tailored specifically to the different needs of each industry and business. Realyst™ focuses on delivering the right contract management solutions for the business, providing the organisation with a clear maturity road map to adopt when the business requires. Realyst™ has established an experienced consulting team that provides consulting services separate to our software. Our team will help you create and manage an effective contract management solution – tailored to your company’s contract types.

Realyst™ has two decades of experience in the Public Sector – from consulting on best practices and contract reviews, to establishing Contract Management (CM) Offices and creating contract registers.This is good news for Governments that need to improve their efficiency in service delivery and good governance, administrative burdens and risk management. Contract management solutions allow Governments to improve the way they operate – from accountability and levels of internal responsibility, through to enhanced supplier performance, revenue collection and overall management proficiency.


Gap Analysis, good practice benchmarking and consulting, requirement gathering and specification and process mapping are just a few of the functions Realyst™ performs in ensuring that we provide a solution that best fits your organisation.

System Implementation

Implementation of RealContract™ modules, data capture, training and outsourced contract management functions are all part of the package as we create your bespoke and state-of-the-art contract management solution.

Public Sector Contract Management

Using as-is assessment and gap analysis, contract registries, audits and reviews and establishing policies and procedures in line with the latest Contract Management Framework, Realyst™ will ensure your department improves efficiency and reduces financial leakage.