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Paperless Schools and Universities

There have been many discussions around paper wastage, inefficient administrative services versus going paperless and digitization,

Let’s delve into three areas where we see the most improvement that could easily be made by education institutions going paperless and digital:

  1. Paperless Registration

Anyone who has ever had to register for university or register their child at the start of a school year will get a glimpse of the chaos.

It seems that this process is an administrative nightmare for anyone involved.

– Parents, students, teachers and school administration staff. Parents are frustrated that they have to complete the same forms every year, university students dread standing in line for hours to register for their classes and the schools face back-logs.

Imagine if you could complete your registration forms and submit the required document with one click?

You wouldn’t even have to leave the house to apply. Digital registration means less time and money spent on the labour that surrounds manual registration.

  1. Paperless Contract Management

With contracts ranging from student enrolments to part-time workers and contractors, schools have a multitude of contracts that need to be centralized and managed. With the potential for financial leakage and legal risk running across so many types of contracts, having a centralized, digital system can save education institutions both time and money.

  1. Paperless Forms

On top of registering, parents often have other forms that need to be completed and signed throughout the year, such as permission forms and exam registration forms. Imagine, again, if this could be done electronically? No more last-minute requests to sign forms that result in missed outings. No more having to constantly fill in the same information over and over, either!

Paperless schools and universities

Paperless schools and universities

We envision a world where education institutions can one day be completely paperless.

Do you?

Find out more here.


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