Different Types of Signatures

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Different Types of Signatures

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There are 4 different types of signatures the business world, and often the definitions can be mixed up or blurred.

Let’s take a moment to clarify:

1. The Wet Signature: Is any physical mark on documents created by a person. In most cases it’s writing your name in cursive on a piece of paper, document or contract, often with initials on each page indicating the extent of what is being signed.

2. Click Wrap Signatures: Is used for mostly online purchases, where a simple tick in a box is an acceptance of the terms and conditions contained; referred to somewhere on the website. A user is required to click the box before the services can be consumed.

3. The Electronic Signature (E-Signature): Is a digital version of a wet signature, where many countries have defined the legality and description of uses for e-signatures. These are the most common form of signatures used by organisations globally.

4. The Digital Signature: Is an authentication mechanism that enables a code to be attached as a signature. It is required for certain specific agreements, and issued through a certification agency.

Different Types of Signatures
Different Types of Signatures

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