7 Risks in not Automating & Digitising Business Processes

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7 Risks in not Automating & Digitising Business Processes

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There are 7 risks that many organisations face if they still have paper-based processes, or rely on spreadsheets and personal work-arounds for tasks that can be easily automated.

These manual activities can expose the organisation;

  • Human error, oversight and corporate amnesia

  • Inefficient use of staff time and unnecessary work

  • Poor data collection and quality; insights into business processes and the output of these can have a material effect on strategy, and competitiveness

  • Lack of internal controls

  • Poor turn-around times

  • Limited visibility and poor document management

  • Poor customer experience

Automating these processes is a relatively simple and non-disruptive exercise, yet it can have a major impact on the customer experience and general organisational efficiency. Collecting the underlying data at the right time and place in the process allows for integration into back end systems, and avoids duplication. How many offices are there in a sea of open plan desks with papers piled high and data being captured? How much does all this cost the organisation? How competitive can they be in the new digital era?

The seven pieces of functionality you need in an automated process:

  • Digital signatures

  • Workflow for delegations of authority, and security rights

  • E-forms and standard templates

  • Obligation and task management

  • Alerting and reporting

  • A database

  • Document management

By taking a high-level view of these processes, or if they have already been mapped, and critically looking at how they can be simplified, digitized and automated, can bring new levels of controls and efficiency into the organisation.

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