Your 4 Key Duties & How We Can Help

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Your 4 Key Duties & How We Can Help

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Company secretaries are responsible for the efficient administration of a company, particularly with regard to ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.

As the Company Secretary, you are the key governance professional within your organization. We are aware that the vast responsibilities and duties placed upon you are heavy and time consuming. We embarked on a market research project and discovered your 4 key duties and responsibilities in your role and we would like to help lighten the load.

4 Key Areas Where We Can Help

  1. Ensuring the company is Compliant with POPIA (The Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013 and the General Data Protection Regulation of 2016) in respect of your contractual relationships by deploying a safe, efficient and auditable information management system.
  2. Reducing the organization’s risk of maverick spend, inefficient admin, non-adherence to legal requirements, damage to customer relationships and incorrect governance.
  3. To collect, automate and report on information throughout the contracting process, not only improve productivity but also to provide visibility and ensure financial controls within your organization.
  4. To provide assistance to ensure transparency and accountability within the Board of Committees and the organization as a whole.

Our Contract Management Solution set will simplify your duties and solve the above pain points.

Realyst Contract Risk Management Pty Ltd – not just contract management.

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