The True Cost of Wet Signatures

You might be thinking that the price of paper is cheap, so why bother changing from a traditional way of hand signing a paper document? Now is the time to consider the real cost, and you’ll soon find that paper-based processes are expensive.

There are many avoidable costs directly associated with the true cost of manual signatures;  printing, delivery, scanning, storage and backup, as well as the intangible environmental cost, to name a few.

Covid-19 has catapulted the insurance industry into streamlining their processes whilst still delivering a customer-healthy service.

 RealystSignature eases the document approval and sign-off process. Realyst’s Electronic Signatures for Enterprise reduces costs, application, contracting and claims processes – giving your business a real bottom-line benefit.

During a time such as ours, avoiding risks such as fraud, compliance failure, lost time and the costs associated with these risks is essential.

If you would like to save on process delay, lost opportunity, fraud and compliance failure and lost time costs, click here and we’ll get in touch with you.

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