Who We Are

Realyst ™ is primarily a Contract Management Solutions house that offers both consulting and software to ensure that you create and manage your contracts effectively, efficiently and according to best practice guidelines.

Combining our range of products with years of experience, Realyst ™ allows an organisation to enter the digital age. Our systems can be designed and customised for solutions ranging from simple processes to complex systems – we provide a solution that suits your business’s requirements and budget.

What Is Contract Management?

It is the process of creating, implementing and managing your company contracts to increase performance and reduce legal, financial and operational risk. These contracts can be made with customers, employees, suppliers, vendors or partners to the organisation.

A Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) system includes software as well as processes to streamline the contract management cycle.

You can learn more about the Contract Management Framework here.

Why is it important?

Managing your contracts properly is important across all business sizes and industries. Not managing your supplier or employment contracts can often lead to financial and legal risk – risks which are easily eradicated with modern contract management software such as RealContract™. A few of the benefits of managing your contracts are:

  • Reduced financial leakage
  • Reduced legal risk
  • Critical insights into your supplier and consumer relationships
  • Visibility of your key deliverables
  • Correct contract governance
  • Alerts and notifications on expiry dates, obligations and tasks means you will never miss any critical dates or events

Use Cases


We automate the drafting through the use of standard templates to reduce the “quote to cash cycle” and improve the customer experience. This means booking revenue sooner, and making signing up for services easier – providing quantifiable financial benefits.


Maveric and off-contract spend can cost an organisation significant sums through financial leakage – we give your company visibility into your underlying data. This provides you with the information necessary for strategic procurement initiatives.


We help you improve the management of contracts through standard, repeatable processes, by assigning obligations and tasks, notifications and key date alerts. We will help you take Service Level Agreement management to a new standard.


With our software, you can easily draft contracts, distribute standard templates for business to use, ensuring consistent quality documents across the organisation. Our electronic signing product, RealSign, makes the conclusion of agreements seamless and legally compliant.


With us, you will have the controls and information required to establish contract spend and have access to all documentation that is related to contracts across the organisation. Realtime data and reporting, while complying to privacy and broader governance and legislative requirements.


Our software is available either in the cloud or on premise, capable of integration into 3 rd party systems, providing quality metadata at source for business insights.

Industries Realyst has worked in

Contract ManagementFinancial Services
Contract ManagementRetail
Contract ManagementManufacturing
Contract ManagementAgriculture
Contract ManagementMining
Contract ManagementFMCG
Contract ManagementPublic Sector
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