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3 Ways to Implement a Streamlined Contract Management Approach for Complex Customer Agreements “It’s 8:45 on a Friday night. After four days, contract negotiations are finally over. All the parties involved have agreed to the terms and conditions, and the responsibilities of everyone have been committed to paper. The CEO…

DTM: The Latest in Cloud-Based Technology

What is Digital Transaction Management? Digital Transaction Management (DTM) has recently emerged as the latest technology in cloud-based document management and document-based transaction management. DTM eliminates the complications and time-consuming actions involved with document-based communications and processes by allowing users to complete all transactions online and through the cloud. This…

Realyst Contract Management: consulting and software

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Realyst Contract Management Realyst Contract Management is a Contract Management Solutions house that offers both consulting and software to ensure that you create and manage your contracts effectively, efficiently and according to best practice guidelines. We began in 1998 where the software’s original purpose was to manage retail premises leases….