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Realyst E-Book Series:

3 Ways to Implement a Streamlined Contract Management Approach for Complex Customer Agreements “It’s 8:45 on a Friday night. After four days, contract negotiations are finally over. All the parties involved have agreed to the terms and conditions, and the responsibilities of everyone have been committed to paper. The CEO…

Your 4 Key Duties & How We Can Help

Company secretaries are responsible for the efficient administration of a company, particularly with regard to ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. As the Company Secretary, you are the key governance professional within your organization. We are aware that the vast responsibilities and duties placed upon you are heavy and time consuming….

Why is contract management so hard?

For decades now research houses, consultants and software vendors have been preaching the benefits of contract management, often quoting Governance and compliance, collecting all revenue due, shortening the sales cycle, saving money by identifying unwanted contracts, as reasons to adopt a contract management solution or practice. Simply miss a key…