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Optimizing Your Contract Process

Like everybody else in insurance services, your organisation is probably full steam ahead trying to adapt to the new way of working due to the restrictions on human physical interaction. Realyst’s focus in 2021 is to help organisations fill the gap between manual base processes, and digital transformation. Realyst acknowledges…

The Signature Process: Secured & Simplified!

On Apr 8, 2021, Posted by , In Digital Signature,Digitisation, With Comments Off on The Signature Process: Secured & Simplified!

The “wet” signature process is both time and cost straining. manual processes are costly, as well as no longer the preferred avenue in the COVID-19  “new normal” anymore. Does this sound familiar? The signed document you just received needs to be prepared. Staples are removed and any damages are repaired….

How Realyst is Improving Customer Experience

Covid-19 has heavily influenced how businesses interact with internal and external stakeholders. The biggest change is arguably how consumers now prefer insurance service providers with less hassle and paperwork. Digital transformation has created endless opportunities for organizations to improve customer experience and optimize workflow processes. However, the document approval and…

The True Cost of Wet Signatures

On Apr 8, 2021, Posted by , In Case Study: The Insurance Industry,Contract Management,Digital Contract Management,Digital Signature,Digitisation,Insurance Industry, With Comments Off on The True Cost of Wet Signatures

You might be thinking that the price of paper is cheap, so why bother changing from a traditional way of hand signing a paper document? Now is the time to consider the real cost, and you’ll soon find that paper-based processes are expensive. There are many avoidable costs directly associated…

End the Wet Signature Agony

Wet signatures are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Manual signatures carry a huge cost, delay processes and increase risk to organizations. The COVID-19 climate has accelerated the need for digital insurance solutions that support remote working and the social distancing of customers. Is your organisation ready to streamline…